Heilyser Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

The best, easiest and effective way to control the Varroa Mites.

Heilyser Technology has been manufacturing and distributing oxalic acid vaporizers since 2001.

JB200 high-speed Oxalic Acid Vaporizer is a 1 minute vaporizer, the fastest Vaporizer available and was developed for beekeepers who care for large numbers of hives.  With this system, it is possible to connect several Vaporizer "in line" to treat more than one colony at the time.    Treating 4 colonies in one minute is no problem.

Vaporizers coming with an measurable for the crystals and safety instructions - how to start- oxalic acid application.

Please note: Oxalic Acid is approved for use in Canada,  the USA and Europe

  JB 200 high-speed Oxalic Acid Vaporizer -  "pat."   

Safety first!

The JB200 is the only vaporizer on the market with a built in sliding stop for the acid tray.

This prevents the hot, acid filled tray, from sliding down the heat element into the hive during evaporation.  This also prevents the tray from tipping sideways and spilling the acid.  

The JB 200 high-speed oxalic acid vaporizer comes with a "free standing acid tray" and a heat protector to prevent scorching. The acid tray has no contact with the metal screen or wooden bottom in your hive  and  evaporation of the acid starts in approximately 15 seconds.  

The tray of any vaporizer should  NOT TOUCH  the screen or wood bottom of the hive. Any vaporizer must have a means of heat protection for the hive. If there is no means of heat protection , the acid tray  heats up the metal screen and the acid evaporates too slowly. 
Moreover, every wooden hive bottom contains wax and other debris, which can easily catch fire. Vaporizers without "free standing acid  trays" work like baseboard heaters; they are not suitable tools for eliminating Varroa mites.  

The JB 200 high-speed is powered by a 12-Volt car battery. With this system, it is possible to connect several vaporizers " in line " to treat more than one colony at the timeClick here to see how to connect several JB200 Electric Vaporizers “in line”An entrance clearance of 1/2 inch or 12 mm is required.  

 With this vaporizer the evaporation of oxalic acid starts in approx 15 seconds, but depends on the power of each individual battery, therefore; we recommend that you perform an initial test outside the hive, to establish the evaporation time for your particular battery. 
After application remove the JB200 and seal the hive for at least 10 minutes using a foam strip.
The treatment with JB200 high-speed Electric Vaporizer can be applied 12 months of the year as long as the temperature are 3-5 degrees above freezing point.

                                JB200 12 Volt high-speed - Oxalic Acid Vaporizer = The Best Varroa Treatment!

Vaporizer JB200

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JB200 in Beehive


                                             NEW - JB 600-S  oxalic acid vaporizer                                                        


This Oxalic acid blower fills a 2-story hive with oxalic acid fumes in seconds. 

Every 12 volt battery can be used; the unit comes with a battery holder for "AAA" rechargeable batteries. There is no car battery necessary.  Since heat to evaporate the acid crystals is generated outside the hive, this vaporizer can be used with wooden hives, Styrofoam hives, even Nucs and top bar hives with a round entrance.  To heat the acid crystals - any hand-hold propane torch can be mounted to the vaporizer.

With one filling 3-4 hives can be treated.  

                                              The efficiency factor is above 95%

JB 600 torch blower

                      Order online   $ 190.00 + s/h

                                                NEW - JB 600-L oxalic acid vaporizer                                                       

                                                    The efficiency factor is above 95%


Developed to provide the best commercial vaporizer on the marked. Strong, quick and easy to use. With one filling up to 15 hives can be treated        

No acid cups, no seals or any other parts to replace. No sensitive and damageable themperature control system. Strong airflow without using a compressor. No car battery, no generator, no wires. 

No hive opening, filling a two deep hive with oxalic acid in less than 5 seconds

Order online   $ 330.00 + s/h

JB600L- Demo 1        

JB600L- Demo 2

When ask for the order form let us know your location Email: orioleln@shaw.ca